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Hidden Message Of Water (Video)

Dr. Emoto has done some very interesting research that appears to demonstrate that the element of water has a consciousness and actually responds to word stimuli by forming different microscopic appearances. The water images he has photographed after exposing water to different words of positive and negative connotations demonstrate a fantastic distinction from one another. When water is exposed to the word “love” its image is one of a beautiful crystal-like structure. When the word or words are negative like “hate” or “killing” the image takes on a destructive or broken-down appearance. The video that follows is in part taken from the movie “What the Bleep do We Know”. You will get the idea. Continue reading

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Dreams As Communications of Nature – Part 1

I want to share two dreams with you. These dreams have to do with the April 2010, Gulf of Mexico disaster. For me the dreams carried a message from nature. Whether there is a broader message for anyone else, I do not know for certain. During the past eight months, these two dreams are responsible for focusing my attention on a study of the seismic activity in the Gulf of Mexico and on the psychology of Carl Jung. Continue reading

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Only God Can Make a Tree

Then at once the trees return to say they are still there. They stand still and firm with roots reaching into the wisdom of the earth’s millions, even billions of years. Their servant spirit shares with my spirit, as the canopy of older trees form a short tunnel towards the end of the route. Their shade from the sun comes as welcomed relief at this point. Continue reading

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Dreams Full of Life. Life Full of Dreams.

We teach that one needs to find their dream to guide and motivate them through many choices that life presents. Do I go this way or that? Do I wait or move forward? Should I sing that song, dance that dance or travel that road? The answer is often found in the dream or vision. Continue reading

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Heart To Heart With God

The radiance of love and creativity come from the center of man’s consciousness, his heart. This is also the place where evil imagination occurs. It is in the heart where we find our connection with God and our likeness in Him. Continue reading

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