Never Too Late

Have you ever had to just start over?  

Never Too Late

Hackers destroyed my old blog site.  It was so screwed up it just had to come offline.  It was time to start over on the internet anyway.  I had neglected the site which left it vulnerable.


Steve On The Go

I have been away from blogging for far too long. Now I am finding out how much I forgot about WordPress.  I am learning Genesis Framework and a child theme named Lifestyle Pro. Ooops!  Lot’s of stops and starts.  I have changed my mind on the theme.  Now I have activated the “Get Noticed” theme.  This is Michael Hyatt’s branded theme.  Now I am learning it as I go.  Purchased Michael Hyatt’s book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.  I found out about Platform University. I joined it.  Learned about MarsEdit 3.  Downloaded free trial.  Writing on it now for first time to edit this post.

Working with the installation and configuration to get things started are taking longer than I thought.  I am just making some posts to test how things look and the performance of certain settings.  When I blogged before I never really treated it like a business. I had a desire to write and learn WordPress but never approached it as a professional. I have a professional background.  I am a retired trial judge and lawyer.  Now I am in a major learning mode and behind the curve.  The resources above are great.  Michael Hyatt  is my Virtual Mentor right now.  He’s a great teacher of his craft.  I am learning things quickly with miles and miles to go.

I know this is raw and should not be a live work-in-progress but it’s a transparent starting over.  The world just ain’t perfect.  Don’t expect me to be.  I am doing a few things right.  I selected some great resources.

If you are starting over or starting out, I would recommend you take a look at these resources.