Alabama Tornado Catastrophe – April 27, 2011

Photo By Alabama's 13 - Tuscaloosa Tornado 4-27-11

Tuscaloosa Tornado Video

This video shot from a vehicle is just incredible. I will likely update this blog with a collection of video that I have been recording from different sources.

Tuscaloosa Aerial View Of Extensive Massive Tornado Catastrophe

Tuscaloosa TV Coverage – View from Tower Cams Before Black Out From Courthouse As Moves Into Town

Storm Chaser Video I Think – Awesome View

John Wathen Video — Tuscaloosa Tornado Formation – Erie Mist In Creek Sucked Into Air

Live TV Coverage As Tuscaloosa Is Bearing Down on McFarland & Towards University Blvd

Tower Cam View Live As Tuscaloosa Tornado Assaults The City

Tide Production – Tuscaloosa Tornado 4-27-11

Tuscaloosa Tornado – 4-27-11 – Raw Unedited Video – “Jesus Help Them”

Radar History of Tuscaloosa Storm/Tornado from Mississippi to North Carolina – Long Deadly Existence

President Obama Surveys Tuscaloosa Tornado Disaster Area

Air Force One Touches Down In Tuscaloosa — First Family On Board

President Exits Air Force One Greets Governor Bentley Others

President Obama Tours Through Destroyed Area – Reporters’ Pool Raw Video-Part 1

President Obama Tours Tuscaloosa Devastation – Reporters’ Pool Raw Video-Part2

Post Obama Visit – Gov. Bentley Interview and More Footage of President Speaking Publicly From Broken Tide Land

President Leaves Tuscaloosa – Air Force One Departs – Take Off Video,/h2>

More Video Coverage Various Sources of Tuscaloosa Tornado

CNN Tuscaloosa Businessman Interviewed – Called Employees To Get In Safe Place

Alabama Power Company – Infra Structure Destruction Historic From Tornado Outbreak

FOX Shep Smith – Alabama Losses In Billions – Economic Destruction – Lay Offs, Small Business Destroyed, Poultry Destroyed

John Wathen Video – Survey of Damage – Emphasis on Railroad Bridge over Hurricane Creek

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Friday Music Jam Videos

Warren Haynes And Some Guys You Know

Could not help myself this morning.  I don’t usually put entertainment videos here but this is some sure enough great musical art.  So, in the interest of our souls nourishment rock with this good stuff:




Simple Man


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Hidden Message Of Water (Video)

Japanese Scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto Calls for Blessing of Contaminated Water — Here’s Why

Dr. Emoto has done some very interesting research that appears to demonstrate that the element of water has a consciousness and actually responds to word stimuli by forming different microscopic appearances.  The water images he has photographed after exposing water to different words of positive and negative connotations demonstrate a fantastic distinction from one another.  When water is exposed to the word “love” its image is one of a beautiful crystal-like structure.  When the word or words are negative like “hate” or “killing” the image takes on a destructive or broken-down appearance.  The video that follows is in part taken from the movie “What the Bleep do We Know”.  You will get the idea.

Emoto Call To Bless The Water


Citizens of Earth: March 31st, 12 NOON (your timezone). “The Water of Fukushima Nuclear Plant, we are sorry to make you suffer. Please forgive us. We thank you, and we love you.” This is all it takes. Please say it aloud or in your mind 3 times as you put your hands together in a prayer position. Please offer your sincere prayer.” — Dr. Masaru Emoto

I have marked my appointment today with the Creator of Mother Earth. I will join with the minds and consciousness of those who love the planet and it Life-Giving Spirit to ask for forgiveness and healing as request by Masaru Emoto. Think of what you say to yourself for you are mostly water. Scientist cannot identify a single place in the body where the mind resides. The brain and the mind are not the same thing. The nature of all that Water provides may find its most important function in contributing to relationship to the Psyche (Soul) of the Universe and all that it contains. Pray.

Sailors Scrub Deck of USS Ronald Reagan After Radioactive Exposure

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Gulf of Mexico Bleeding Crude Oil (Video)

Shrimpers Report 100 Mile Oil Slick – Grand Isle, LA Suffers Hit

Finally the mainstream media is reporting what was the subject of John Wathen’s Blog – Creekkeeper a day or two ago.   NBC Nightly News covered the new appearance of oil in Grand Isle, LA today.  Shrimpers are reporting trolling through the oil slick which some say involves 100 miles of the water.  The source(s) of the reemergence of disaster has yet to be discovered.  Is the Deepwater Horizon (Macondo) Well site the culprit?  Don’t know.

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Deepwater Permitting Resumed — Shell Oil Gets Go Ahead

Shell Oil -- Deepwater Exploration Approved 3-21-11

Just yesterday the Department of Interiors action approving deepwater oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico was reported.  This is the first such permitting since the BP disaster last April 2010.  Find the article here.

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BP Slick: New Gulf Problems. More oil in the fishing grounds!

Creekkeeper John Wathen Believes Fishing Should Be Closed In Parts of Gulf of Mexico

Here is a link to photos on John Wathen’s blog just recently posted.  John is a dedicated environmentalist noted for his diligent efforts to keep the public informed about the truth of what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP Slick: New Gulf Problems. More oil in the fishing grounds!.

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Rocky Kistner: Oil Spill Reported Near Deepwater Drilling Site in Gulf

Oil Threatens Fishing & Beaches Again

Just when the Spring Break crowds are beginning to come back to the Gulf of Mexico new oil slick sitings are making news.  Here is a link to one such article and photos.  John Wathen of Alabama is reporting on this development and has personally been under exhausting efforts to bring the truth to us.  His Facebook postings are available also.

Rocky Kistner: Oil Spill Reported Near Deepwater Drilling Site in Gulf.

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What Do Ring of Fire, Tides, Full Moons and Dead Fish Have in Common — Earthquakes? (Video)

Geologist Observes Top Seismic Window – Signs & Dates Related to Earthquake Predictions – North American Earthquake Imminent?

Here is an interesting video that from FOX News from Neal Cavuto’s interview of former USGS geologist, Jim Berkland.  He has accurately predicted earthquake’s before in United States.


Recently, there have been reports of dead fish on the west coast. There have been numerous dead dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico. There is no mention in the video of the New Madrid Fault. It is not a part of the ring of fire but there are concerns about the region of the midwest with an number of small earthquakes occurring in Arkansas.

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Incredible Power of Water & Velocity (Raw Video from YouTube)

Tsunami Destruction Nature’s Fury


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| Earthquake factbox: Entire Japan coast shifted 2.4 metres, earth axis moves ten inches

Here is a link to some interesting facts about the earthquake.  The rupture in the Earth’s crust was tremendous.  There is always the question for whether a huge temblor like this leaves other areas of the earth’s crust in a more stressed condition in order to precipitate other large ruptures.  The after shocks have been numeruos and one this morning was 6.4 magnitude near the site of the nuclear power plants.

| Earthquake factbox: Entire Japan coast shifted 2.4 metres, earth axis moves ten inches.

Incredible Mandala In The Water Like A Galaxy Or Hurricane

What a most interesting and sublime sight was displayed be the disturbance of the water by the earthquake.  The pictures and videos of the rush of such power and force leaves one in awe of the power of Nature.  I have always wondered about the similarity in the view into outer space of the circular galaxy and the view from outer space of the image of a major hurricane.  Now for the first time, I see and wonder about the symbolism displayed in the water taking on that same look.  Earth, wind, fire and water still reign supreme.

See my blog on the prediction made by someone presenting that the alignment of Comet Elenin and Earth foretold a shift in the Earth’s axis contributing to the earthquake.

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March 11, 2011 Japanese Earthquake Predicted by Comet Elenin

Theory: Comet Alignment With Earth Basis of Axis Shift Triggering Quake

Because of my own experience with a dream last year about an earthquake that I believe may be related to the New Madrid Fault and the Gulf of Mexico, I have continued to be very interested in what is occurring on our planet.  This afternoon I got to wondering if anyone was reporting any dreams or predictions about the Japanese earthquake that hit today.  So, I googled “dreams of earthquake disaster” and found the a website that had some interesting video predictions based on an astro physicist analysis of the alignment of the Comet Elenin.  I have not research this issue beyond seeing these videos.  I do not know who the presenter in the video is but it is clear that both of these videos are in advance of today’s Japanese record-setting earthquake and tsunami.

Of particular interest to me is the fact that the narrator mentions the New Madrid Fault area as one of concern.  Everyone knows that geologists can’t predict where an earthquake will occur nor when they will occur.  What about astro physicists?  The narrator in the video references some Bible prophecy and she mentions a dream that she believes involves Jesus communicating to her. Here are the two videos:

Dream of Gulf of Mexico Disaster And The New Madrid Connection

Readers who have not seen my previous posts regarding the dream about the Gulf of Mexico and my research that discovered that Jack Freed,deceased, a former oil industry geologist assigned to the Gulf of Mexico region, believed that the Gulf of Mexico is seismically active. He further believed that the activity is connected with the New Madrid Fault. Please refer to the post Dreams As A Communication From Nature / Dreams About Disaster in The Gulf of Mexico and Gulf of Mexico Earthquakes May Warn of Coming Catastrophe

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